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    What is tinnitus?

    Tinnitus is a disorder of the nervous system that causes the sufferer to perceive sounds in their ears or head without an external stimulus. It is therefore a noise or buzzing that is only heard by the person affected. In the absence of external stimulation of the cochlea, tinnitus implies a dysfunction of the inner ear. It can occur unilaterally, when only one ear is affected, or bilaterally, when both ears are affected.

    Our tinnitus expert in Barcelona, Dr. Gonzalo Martinez-Monche, explains below:

    Anyone can suffer from tinnitus, regardless of age or gender, although it is more common after the age of 45. Currently, 8% of the adult population is affected by this condition.

    Who is affected by tinnitus?

    Tinnitus predominantly affects men (66%) as opposed to women (34%).


    78% of those affected by tinnitus are over 40 years old.

    To date, only 6.5% of children or young people are reported to be affected by these annoying buzzing sounds.

    Types of tinnitus

    Below we explain the two types of tinnitus that we treat on a daily basis at our tinnitus centre in Barcelona.

    Objective tinnitus

    Objective tinnitus involves real mechanical sounds that originate in or around the ear itself. It is usually easy to identify what causes it. It is usually described as vibratory and can be due to different causes.  In these cases, it is a pulsating type of tinnitus, which is synchronised with the pulse, and causes discomfort hearing for the sufferer.

    Subjective tinnitus

    Subjective tinnitus is the most common type of tinnitus. In general, they are not vibratory or mechanical. For this reason, it is said that they are caused by excitation and/or nerve conduction from any point in the ear to the auditory cortex.

    Tinnitus symptoms

    Tinnitus can have several symptoms:

    • Perception of ringing or noise.
    • Instability.
    • Difficulty falling asleep.
    • Hearing loss (in up to 70% of cases),
    • Headaches.
    • Sensibility to external noises (hypoacusis/algiacusis).
    • Feeling of exhaustion.
    • Constant anxiety and even sexual dysfunction.

    Most people who suffer from tinnitus experience a considerable deterioration in their quality of life, so it is essential to see a specialist at the slightest sign of hearing dysfunction.

    Causes of tinnitus

    The causes of tinnitus do not have a single, specific origin, but rather are often caused by a combination of several triggers. The most common reasons for the occurrence of tinnitus are:

    • Viral infections.
    • Vascular problems.
    • Stress or heightened nervous states.
    • Hormonal changes.
    • Consumption of some medicines.
    • Acoustic trauma.

    In addition, there are other triggers, such as having suffered from:

    • A heart attack.
    • Ear embolism.
    • Recurrent otitis.
    • Ménière's syndrome.
    • Acoustic nerve tumour.

    On the other hand, some risk factors may influence the occurrence of tinnitus:

    • Stress or anxiety.
    • Continuous exposure to high intensity sound.
    • Frequent use of earphones.
    • Use of toxic substances.
    • Cholesterol or high blood pressure problems.
    • Meteorological changes.
    • Activities involving sudden changes in pressure (diving, climbing, parachuting, etc.).

    Tinnitus treatment in Barcelona

    We have developed a pioneering technique at our tinnitus treatment centre: Transmastoid Cochlear Electrostimulation Therapy.


    With the introduction of this technique, a significant improvement of 63% has been achieved in the perception of tinnitus and its complete disappearance has been achieved in 24% of cases. This is a real therapeutic solution to tinnitus.

    This innovative technique for the treatment of tinnitus consists of applying electrical stimuli by placing electrodes in the mastoid region. Moreover, Transmastoid Cochlear Electrostimulation is a painless and non-invasive therapy, which does not present any side effects and does not require complementary medication.

    (*) Study on the results of the effectiveness of OTOTECH transmastoid electrostimulation carried out by the external consultant Crossdata.

    Ototech's tinnitus treatment technique allows for more hopeful results compared to:

    • Pharmacological or surgical solutions.
    • Acoustic therapy.
    • Acupuncture.
    • Electrical suppression.
    • Even hypnosis.

    This is because none of them ensure that damaged cells are regenerated to work properly again.

    That is why all our patients always recommend others to come to our centre in Barcelona for a first visit to assess their case.


     OTOTECH Therapy for Tinnitus in Barcelona

    Frequently asked questions

    How do I know if I have tinnitus?

    Tinnitus manifests itself as noises or ringing in the ear. Many patients describe it as a "ringing", a "buzzing", a "refrigerator motor", etc.

    If there are any signs, it is crucial to visit a specialist to determine what is wrong. We look forward to seeing you at our tinnitus treatment centre in Barcelona.

    What sensations will I feel if I have tinnitus?

    Generally, the person affected by tinnitus hears a continuous noise in one or both ears that often interferes with their hearing. Tinnitus may be associated with other symptoms related to the inner ear such as a "plugged ear" sensation, imbalance or vertigo and impaired hearing.

    Can tinnitus lead to hearing loss?

    There is a high percentage of patients with hearing loss linked to tinnitus. The cellular origin of tinnitus and hearing loss lies in the disruption of the neurosensory cells of the inner ear. Even if audiometry does not show any alterations, tinnitus always interferes with hearing.

    Can I have tinnitus in one ear only?

    In most cases tinnitus affects only one ear, although it is not uncommon for patients to report tinnitus in both ears.

    Is it normal for the intensity of tinnitus to vary from day to day?

    Yes. Tinnitus is caused by pathologies or situations that affect the function of the inner ear, so its perception can increase in different situations, such as sudden variations in atmospheric pressure, at times of great stress or anxiety, as a consequence of tiredness or fatigue, etc.).

    At what age is tinnitus most common?

    The onset of tinnitus usually occurs in adulthood, usually over the age of 45, equally in men and women. The occurrence of tinnitus is less common in young people, although it can also occur, even in children.

    Is tinnitus genetic?

    Tinnitus is not genetic. There are, however, hearing losses that are passed on from parents to children, which in some cases may be related to tinnitus.

    What techniques have been used to date to cure tinnitus?

    To date, pharmacological, psychological, tinnitus masking, laser and ultrasound therapies have been used. However, none of these therapies have proven to be truly effective in curing tinnitus.

    If you would like a personalised assessment of your case, please visit our tinnitus centre in Barcelona.

    Why should I choose Ototech for tinnitus treatment in Barcelona?

    Ototech offers a specific treatment in Barcelona to cure tinnitus through cell regeneration so that its effects last and the improvement is continuous over time. The aim of the therapy is to treat tinnitus from its origin by stimulating the cells of the inner ear.

    OTOTECH Reviews

    • He realizado el tratamiento dos veces, acudiendo a OTOTECH desde el extranjero. Después de la primera terapia noté una mejora notable. Después del segundo tratamiento, un año más tarde, el acúfeno se redujo un poco más. Me encuentro mucho mejor y el acúfeno ya me molesta poco al dormir. Mi experiencia en la clínica ha sido muy positiva. El trato del dr Martínez-Monche, de los médicos del equipo y del personal en general, ha sido excelente. Se lo agradezco mucho. Recomiendo a los que padecen acúfenos someterse a este tratamiento.

      Spi Kant Avatar Spi Kant
    • Acudí a la clínica como último intento desesperado para intentar aliviar el acùfeno, después de acabar el tratamiento puedo decir que he notado una notable mejoría, ha bajado muchísimo y eso equivale a ganar calidad de vida. Quiero dar las gracias a todo el equipo de Ototech por el trato recibido desde el primer día hasta el último, haciendo un seguimiento de mi tratamiento para ver como iba evolucionando, sin duda animo a que personas que lo sufran vayan a la clínica para que les informen de su caso. Muchísimas gracias a todo el equipo y un gran abrazo!

      Jordi larios sanchis Avatar Jordi larios sanchis

    • Si tengo un problema de atm, esto lo quitaria?, estoy haciendo fisioterapia pero no me hace nada

      Juan Martín Toro Avatar Juan Martín Toro

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